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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
No I want it to happen as well, the whole "Good girl turns bad boy around" angle has been done a lot but you rarely see it in reverse, plus the whole Sharon thing is creepy IMO, "Hey I'm a defrosted 90 year old who dated your Mom, wanna see a movie"

You mean a 20something handsome, legendary man who kissed your grandma (god rest her soul) once 70 years ago, before being lost to time; wanna go see a movie?

There's no "ick" factor there because there wasn't even a relationship, let alone sex; so there's nothing even remotely, legally, philosophically or morally incestuous about the Peggy-Sharon thing that some of you try to blow completely out of proportion.

But even if you play devil's advocate, you can avoid the whole thing by simply making SHARON the proactive one. She grew up listening to Grandma Peggy's thrilling stories about Captain America and His Howling Commandos, and Peggy's exploits spurred Sharon to become a top SHIELD agent herself. When she hears that Captain America is now alive and well and living in the 21st century, she does everything in her power to get transferred to his department in SHIELD; introduces herself to Cap as Peggy's granddaughter; does the whole schoolgirl crush thing. Cap doesn't even remotely come off looking like a creeper.

Originally Posted by Ms. Marvel View Post
There isn't going to be a love triangle in this movie as there is one in Thor 2 and the writers are the same
There may, or may not, be a love triangle in this movie, depending on whether or not Sharon Carter is even *in* this film. (At this point, there's no evidence that Agent 13 *is* Sharon, and there is increasing evidence that Emily Van Camp isn't even IN this film after all. God knows there's NO news about her in CATWS. Anywhere. Anytime. Ever.)

But at the same time, there's absolutely no evidence that there's a love triangle in TDW, either. At this point, "Jealous" Sif is just tumblr-shipping.


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