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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Originally Posted by Sharkboy View Post
Honestly they should just grow some balls and give the job to Christopher Drake, the guy is cranking out great Batman themes left and right just give him the ultimate job of doing the big batman theme.

If they really want Zimmer without having Zimmer for Batman then I guess Lorne Balfe would work, he worked on the past three Batman films under Zimmer and he's done some pretty good work on his own as welll.
I like what Christopher Drake's done on TDKReturns. Hopefullly some day that score will get a CD release. It deserves it. His score for In Darkness Dwells from Batman Gotham Knight was also great. The track "Killer Croc/Hallucinations/Scarecrow Interrupted" always astonishes me. Especially around the 2:00 mark, when batman swoops in to kick some butt.

Drake really GOT IT, imho.

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
The interview was specifically for TDKR, as well as a look back on their history together. There have been no temptracks on Nolan's films during editing or otherwise. No temp love.

And I'd seriously doubt Zimmer felt any pressure on it, considering he'd done it twice before (and let's face it, gotten most of the credit) and countless other films over the decades. But it must've been his third Batman movie that scared him... Yeah, sure...
Whatever the case some tracks in TDKR (and even TDK) reuse previous cues from it's predecessors that was slightly if not at all altered. Some of the cues even felt tracked in. That's how identical aome of the reused cues are. For example during the Hong Kong sequence as Batman attacks Lao and his men. That particular piece is very similar to the BB music, where Gordon was chasing Bruce on top of Gotham's police headquarters after their little conversation in his office. The last part of Hong Kong scene reused music from BB where Batman calls for "back up" in the Arkham sequence that took place before the Tumbler/Police chase . That particular cue Zimmer seems to love using repeatedly with not much alterations. Heck he used it when the Bat was carrying the nuke in TDKR. There's plenty of other cues from both TDK and TDKR that felt rehashed. I don't feel like posting all of 'em. So if the problem wasn't temp music then it must've been "sequel fatigue", imho.

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