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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Zimmer's got my vote.

Look at the diversity and range of his film scores, you've got the light and comical Kung Fu Panda, and the intense bombastic TDKR.

I loved Zimmer's work on MOS, he did beat Zod's theme to death (he tends to do that in most of his films), but it worked ! I particularly enjoyed the dreamlike music, when Lois first enters the Scoutship, that then gets really intense when the droid attacks her - Zimmer can change the key and up the tempo with great effect.

Hopefully Zimmer will do the next MOS film (I'm not talking BM v SM here, but the next MOS solo film) as it would be nice to hear more of his
end title - sort of the new Superman march.

As for BM v SM, I hope Zimmer's involved, maybe with a co-writer, like he
was on BB. It would probably make sense to have a new Batman theme,
as the Batfleck is a reinterpretation of the character. I think something would be lost if they just say that NOlan's Batman got sick of retirement and came back to work (you'd need Bale for that).

Step away from the NOlan trilogy, I loved it, but let it stand on its own.
These new films need an integrated feel, if DC/WB is really going to stand up on a par with what Marvel/Disney are doing.

So yes, a new Batman theme -maybe some elements of the Nolan-Batman theme, but generally new.
The interesting thing will be listening to how Zimmer (or whoever) integrates two very different themes, the bold theme of Superman and the darker, more ominous tones of Batman.

As far as other worthy contenders go, the only one I can think of that can pull off the kind of emotion necessary is Michael Giacchino.

But roll on Zimmer I say. Peace

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