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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Originally Posted by Andy C. View Post

The clown did his best to gesture out the grotesque details, to a crowd that wasn't exactly in the laughing mood.

"The stranger, still covered head to toe in godawful watery runny elephant diarrhea, walks over to the bartender and says, 'So whaddya think?' And the bartender says, 'I think you need to find another job.'"

The Joker wound up for the punchline.

"And the bartender says, 'What, and give up showbusiness?!"

With that, he spread his arms in a wide 'ta-daa,' waiting for the Batman's response.
At the end of the punchline, the right lens in my cowl flashed a notification on my screen. The right back leg of the Joker's chair was rickety. I placed my right forefinger against my thumb and leaned forward.

"Is that it? Nothing about how you're better than me? I'm disappointed. The past two times we've chatted, you haven't hesitated to remind me how awful I am and how I refuse to see the truth of the ugly world out there."

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