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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
yes seriously 99% of you haters dont see it through her perspective only through yours

you complain about how YOU would react and how YOU would see it

nothing she has really seen with her own eyes would make her right out hate him and want to leave
Exactly. She isn't my favorite character, but I also don't hate her. People seem to forget that we as viewers see/know a hell of a lot more of what's going on than Andrea does.

This is a woman who wanted to die for a long time. She's spent the length of the series believing there was no hope for a normal life - that everything is gone - and running from "safe" spot to "safe" stop watching people die is the only thing she'll ever know. Suddenly, this "paradise" in the middle of this hell shows up. Of course she'll embrace it. She has been living with her despair for far longer than she's known Michonne - she has every right to choose to stay in a place she feels defeats that despair, and quite honestly, she has every right to be pissed at Michonne for trying to upend that without evidence (even if Michonne is right).

People address the zombie arena as evidence, yet they seem to forget nearly an entire episode's worth of Andrea was spent with her angry about the zombie fights. That's the only thing she's seen of the Governor that is suspect, and to be honest, he gave a compelling argument.

So you have someone whose desperate for peace and a reprieve from despair and hopelessness who finds a situation that seems to grant her everything she needs, and people are angry with her and call her stupid/blind/etc? I personally find her character and situation to be intriguing and think that she's being set up for a lot of interesting moments. What happens to some one who goes from feeling hopeless, to finding a cure for that hopelessness, only to discover that cure is actually a cancer? That's interesting to me.

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