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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
People keep saying this, but I've not seen any good reason listed. It makes no difference to me whether anyone hates her - I couldn't care less - but I personally think the hate is undue.
All I have to do is point to Michonne leaving Woodbury. Fine, I'll give her the fact that Michonne didn't make a compelling argument to leave Woodbury. Still, this woman kept you alive for 8 months, through the winter, while you were sick and you just blow her off and let her walk off? I still think there's such a thing as loyalty in the zombie apocalypse, Rick's group sure shows it on more than one occasion.

Also, the zombie arena. She was against it at first but all it took was some half ass explanation and bottle of scotch to get her to change her mind. If I remember correctly she was one of the "Lets kill all the walkers in the barn" people no? All of a sudden she's ok with them collecting walkers? Oh but they take out their teeth and nails, thats cool I guess.

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