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Default Re: Official Goblin Appreciation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Hobgoblin View Post
That show was a major disappointment. It really had nothing going for it. I didnt like the design, the storyline, the focus on the High Evolutionary and that it was Venom and Carnage centric.

And Goblin sounds Spanish in that clip, not French. Thanks for sharing it though. I had a morbid curiosity about what Goblin was like, as I never saw that episode.
The bold part is spot on. It was like a Silver Surfer type setting. Spider-Man does not belong in space. He is not an intergalactic space traveller. Venom & Carnage looked awful. Especially Carnage. Talking animals. There are so many reasons why Spider-Man unlimited sucked. I'm just glad it didn't get popular.

Goblin actually does sound Spanish second time around... lol.

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