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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
Pretty much... and Game of Thrones. In all seriousness, I love IMAX and film and think Wally did a great job lighting TDKR, but, at times in the film, I can honestly say I missed the aspect ratio of traditional 35 mm films. It might have just been Nolan's choice of composition, but I found the final set pieces underwhelming. Batman's first appearance though during the stock market chase was pure brilliance, especially the way the camera pans up Batman's body to show all the cops coming in to surround him.
I understand that general sentiment.

2.31:1 or whatever it is is always my preferred ratio. But that has nothing to do with digital vs. film.

With IMAX, it's more about the size of it than anything, obviously. A widescreen IMAX movie would be incredible, though.

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