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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
Talia & Bane represent Al-Qaeda. Terrorists who follow a code the rest of the world, specially us Americans will never understand.

The scene that further accentuates that notion is when Talia stabs Bruce. He's so shocked & despite connecting the dots still bothers to inquire as to why she would serve the memory of Ra's Al Ghul - a man who died trying to kill millions of innocent people.

Al-Qaeda can't ne negotiated with nor should we try to understand their "cause". Its not geopolitical nonsense. Its insanity.

Bruce's confusion, the look of horror in his face after she puts the knife in him, represents our own confusion regarding the Jihad agenda.
Al Qaeada still operate under an idealogy of religion and other factors that are tangible and can be researched and explained. They don't blow themselves up for no reason. The League of Shadows in this film want to do the suicide mission

There is a big difference, and the film's attempts at motivation are sketchy at best. This film wasn't doing anything deep by leaving their motivation largely unexplained. That is just poor scripting.

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