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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

Originally Posted by weezerspider View Post
Agreed. You can't just say "Well Luke Cage is well-known as a prominent black hero". I say to that "Spiderman is well-known as a prominent white dude".
Changing a non-white character's race to white is bad because non-white characters are underrepresented.

Personally, I think all races should stay how they are in the books as much as possible. I find it kind of lazy of Marvel to change a well known character's race to appeal to minority readers. JUST MAKE SOME NEW COOL MINORITY CHARACTERS!
It's damn near impossible to create a popular character on the fly. It takes genius and a lot of luck for a character to become a cultural icon or even have any staying power.

How many cultural icons have been invented from comics in the last ten years?

Tessa Thompson, I'm also a huge fan of cultural anthropology. If you're reading this, PM me. We can discuss Westworld and cognitive science. PLEASE!!!
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