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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Ehn...they are one and the same.
Not necessarily. There’s a difference between not actually having any information whatsoever and simply not being satisfied with the information you already have. Since November, we have been receiving regular updates about cast and crew and from the director no less. In addition to the director, we know who the producers are, who the writers are, who the costume designer is, and who the production designer is. We have a good idea of who the editors and composers are too. We know 7 main cast members are returning and that more are on the way. Because the movie is based on a specific storyline, we even know the plot and have a very good idea of what villains will be involved. We know where the movie is shooting. We know when the movie is shooting. We know of at least one city in which the movie will take place. Thanks to cast and crew interviews, we know about cast member input and what potential individual storylines may be tackled in the film. We even have information about the material of the costumes.

Honestly, what did you guys expect? New Years was less than a week ago. Christmas less than a week before that. Did you think Fox was going to issue a meaty press release at one of the absolute worst times of the year in which to do it? We have plenty of information and plenty to speculate about.

If you guys want to see a real void of information, feel free to visit the Guardians of the Galaxy boards. That movie opens two weeks after Days of Future Past, and the only thing confirmed is that it has a director who can’t handle press very well... and the terrifying notion that Chuck may headline the film.

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