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Default Re: Re-Introducing Gambit

I wouldn't mind a different Gambit. Not that Kitsch was bad in the role, but I would have liked him to be based more on the comic book version. If Wolverine hadn't called him by name, I think a lot of people, including me, would not thought this was a different character. The only thing Origins Gambit and the one we know and love had in common was the cards, otherwise all of his iconic traits/look (red and black eyes, tan trenchcoat, Cajun accent, kinetic energy power set) were not there.

I would, for example, love to see someone like Josh Holloway in a cameo in DOFP as an older Gambit in the future scenes with all those classic characteristics in place. Or a complete reboot or a solo film with Gambit played by someone completely different or even Kitsch again, but incorporates his comic book persona.

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