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Default Re: Batman Begins vs The Amazing Spider-Man?

Is this thread for real?

Batman Begins. It crafted a near-perfect cinematic origin story for Batman. Unfortunately for The Amazing Spider-Man, Sam Raimi already did that. If you want to complain about organic webshooters or the MJ being too much of a downer or even the GG suit, that's fine. But the first hour of SM1 is near flawless.

TASM's biggest problem is it needlessly retold SM1's story but tried to be "different" by infusing it with a style that sometimes worked and sometimes felt like a pale imitation of Chris Nolan's take on Batman.

With that said, I have a really good feeling about TASM2. I think Webb and Sony learned their lesson and are keeping Webb's more "mature" tone while (hopefully) jettisoning the parents angle and uneven darkness.

But in the case of TASM? It does not hold a candle to SM1, much less BB.

Just my opinion.

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