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Default Re: Drax The Man on the Sax: a Thread for the Destroyer

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
I dont see how, the GA have accepted more outlandish stuff in films with other characters, why would they not accept this?

Personally I want them to keep things as close as possible to the comics, Marvel have played it safe so far, now surely they can push the boat out a bit more with their properties.

Drax is probably my favourite character of the GOTG, so I want his history in as much as possible as well as an epic fight with Thanos.
Fair enough. If they're going to do the complicated tripping over itself back story, I'd say keep it VERY simple in GoTG 1, and get in depth in GoTG2 when Moon Dragon joins. I think Drax should believe that Heather is dead in this film.

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