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Default Re: Drax The Man on the Sax: a Thread for the Destroyer

Damn man, it sounds like you guys know nothing outside MCU and highly famed actors of today's Pop Culture. It's sad, I came to this site thinking you guys will not only know Guardians but have a well understanding of the outside world and how studios actually work (not yet once heard a logical response to my casting calls).

I should of ended posting as soon as I saw the posts where people were asking who Rocky or Pete are, asking what issues to read for the 1st time (really? your on here talking about like you know wtf yet you've never read one issue or maybe have read 4 of them? really?), and then only saying guys like The Rock or Diesel should play Drax or naming off well known nominees who have been advertized on the red carpet. It seems like you guys imdb'ed red carpet actors. This is a Super Hero Space Sci-Fi not a Drama shooting for an Oscar. Come on!

I'm done posting here, have fun in your narrow minded boxes.

Originally Posted by Captain Marvel View Post
...this coming from the guy who wants to fill the cast with pro wrestlers?
Show's how much you know about actors... I've only listed one pro wrestler.

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