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Default Re: The Official "I Loved Raimi's Spider-Man' Thread - Part 1 of 99 Luft - Par

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
Yeah, that's pretty much it. Sam saw the writing on the wall and that he wasn't going to have the full creative control that Sony promised. So he figured it was best to walk.
Ahh, okay. So that makes sense than. Raimi wanted to use Vulture and Black Cat, but Sony forced their hand and what Sam said recently was just what character he would've used if Sony didn't stick their noses into the creative process and all. Okay, so that is very enlightening then. Thanks

I guess Warners might be a little more flexible since they own DC Comics and are connected to the source material. But let's also face it, money talks. TDK was a Godzilla-monster success, so they knew not to screw with Nolan.
They learned not to really "screw" with Nolan for Batman Begins either, though. Warner Brothers could have tried to put in their two scents since that's what they pretty much had done with the previous two Batman flicks before BB, but WB seems to be letting the directors and writers do what they do best, but sometimes it can bite(Green Lantern, Jonah Hex).

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
Sony had to have a reboot planned. Even if Spidey 4 had happened, it was highly unlikely any of the principals would've been back for another.

Spider-Man had made Sony a cool 3 billion dollars. They weren't going to let the character go.
I thought so, but I just have this feeling that the reboot was planned since the criticism of S-M 3 was heard as it didn't rival Raimi's first two films, but that could just be me. Either way, Sony was definitely thinking of a reboot even while Raimi thought he could get a S-M 4 on track.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Oh Christ, you are impossible! Can't stand to be proven wrong can you. You asked for an article that got one casting right and one wrong. You got it. It doesn't matter if it eventually got debunked. It got debunked because the movie went ahead and they had a secret to keep. Spider-Man 4 never got to the stage of officially casting Hathaway.

End of story.
If you wanna say so.

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