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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
Should I share my ideas? Well, if I were to share one idea I want to do, its this: one of the deleted scenes (which most of those and the alternate scenes will be restored, while cutting out some things from the film itself that should've been considered deleted scenes) was a shot of the phoenix from X2 followed by the X-jet landing in D.C. Because there wasn't any info on why this scene was made, I have this speculation that I want to try onto my project/cut: I believe, since X2 was said by Singer to be the Trek II/Empire of the films, that maybe one of his ideas or Ratner's was to pull a Trek III and open with the ending of X2. I think I can do this, but the problem is the other opening shots from the actual X3. I know people here said they should be cut out, but honestly I want to create an alternate version of the film as if it was done back in '06. And by then, the Wolverine spinoff was the only thing (along with an X4) that was on people's minds, so I should recut and repair this film as if I was we don't know if there will be an X4 because of the climax, and its rumored that the Wolverine spinoff is the Claremont/Miller story.

That's one idea I'll share
Why not? I wouldn't even have the tech or the patience to do a fan edit lol

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