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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

So I made one. If you guys want I can upload it somewhere. It has:

Xavier v/o
Additional introduction to Pyro and Magneto in the woods (Mags has a beard)
Mental fighting between Jean/Xavier
Alternate Jean Phoenix power display
Kitty/Bobby kiss, this way it shows why Rogue actually wants to leave.
All the additional little Jean moments.
Alternate Wolverine talking to the X-kids before leaving. This version Wolverine doesn't want them to come so Iceman has to explain to him why he needs them. It's a much better version. Wolverine is so nice and comforting in the theatrical cut. In the alternate one, he's more Wolveriney. It's the X-kids who have to turn him around. Then it cuts to Beasts deleted Shakespeare speech.
All the deleted mutant action
Extended Jean destruction
Alternate school re-opening
Wolverine returning to Canada at the end

I tried to trim the Xavier walking but wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it. I also have two versions one where Rogue takes the cure and one where Rogue doesn't...depending if they mention it in DOFP.

The one issue is that the deleted scenes are a little different quality and the music is different in a lot of I have to fade the screen in and out to make it blend together better.

Good idea about editing out Trask and Moira's names. But I like this Moira better than what we got in FC... I'd rather edit her name out of that film.

In my cut, the Xavier monologue v/o merges with the Phoenix in the lake where it gets icy...but I put a blend in so that it goes to a white light before we see the X-jet...and it blends into young Jean's house...

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