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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

Some interesting ideas presented here.

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
...why not. Lol

Okay, another thing to take care of is extending the fight scenes. Again, this goes back to putting most of the deleted scenes back in. The battle at the Grey house, and the final battle, all had nice moments from Wolverine, Storm, Beast, even Iceman. I mean Storm electrifies Wolverine to beat Juggernaut, and later causes a wave of water from the sky to cover the attacking mutants and electrocutes them. Iceman freezes the large man and then Colossus punches him into pieces. Why were these taken out?!

One more thing: the original version of the X-Men boarding the X-Jet. For some reason, the better version that was seen in the trailers, the version that wasn't cheesy in its dialogue, was deleted and we got the cheesy version instead. :| I don't understand why, but that needs to be replaced.

Some of the deleted scenes that won't be reinserted are ones like Jean seeing a child cry, or the original version of how she displays her powers at the camp, or even Beat quoting Shakespeare. But some things from the film itself will be deleted, one of them being Wolverine arguing with Storm over leaving the Mansion to get Jean back. I don't know, but that scene was cheesy in its delivery that I feel it should be deleted. In fact, I experimented and saw that without that scene, Logan with Jean's voice and her POV of the camp, then cutting from him looking at Xavier's head plate to the shot (reused from X1) of him leaving on the motorcycle was better.

The only two things that I haven't figured out yet are a) Xavier's return and b) Rogue: cured or not. First of all, I have in mind using the Wolverine at the bar as the post-credits scene. Cool idea, and plus it reflects my rule that I/you must recut/repair this film as if it is still 2006 and you don't know about an X4 but you know that the Wolverine spinoff will most likely use the Claremont/Miller story. That rule comes into my mind to either bend or not when it comes to those scenes, because of Days of Future Past. If I cut out Xavier's return, it would also mean maybe/maybe not cutting out the scene where he talks to the class or cutting out just that part on the coma body. You have to be the storyteller in your recut, so if I were to deleted the class scene, I would end up cutting out Kitty Pryde as a student and she would just be an "X-Kid" sorta speak, thus losing insight of Kitty as a character. Sure, we know her, but others didn't. As for Rogue, same thing but more based on how people felt because it could've been both ways.

Anyway, if anything else, I'll share it.
Those action beats were cut for time mostly. The Iceman freezing Phat was because the effect looks bad. Storm's electric wave was considered too similar to how she dispatches Calisto and therefore redundant.

The alternate boarding sequence was cut was pacing. I agree the unused one was better but it is much slower. I think a mixture of both could work better.

Storm and Logan's argument is cheesy as hell. No way would I keep that either. A lot of material will go in my edit because I want to move from Xavier's death to the climax as quickly as possible.

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