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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Two things I'm starting to get curious about.

1.) I'm wondering how much it'll make opening weekend. I'm hoping (and pretty confident) it'll crack $100 million for the four day weekend. It's really the first time X-Men has received a prime release day since Origins; which helped kick off the summer movie season in '09.

2.) Whether or not FOX will do an X-Men movie marathon leading into Days of Future Past.

I'm really hoping for a marathon because back when X2 and X3 came out, we had 2 movie theatres here in Cape Girardea; one crappy one and we still have this AWESOME Wehrenberg theatre. Sadly, I had to watch X2 and X3 at the crappy I'd love to see all seven of them on the big screen in the best possible conditions.

What to you guys think?

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