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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Well, there is a reason why some people mention those other characters.

Wolverine was the star of a full trilogy and had a first solo movie, so his popularity was higher than Ironman back in 2008.

And Superman, while being an Icon worldwide, had a modest boxoffice last time, with Superman returns.

so someone like Wolverine and Hugh Jackman, 100% more popular than Henry Cavill, well... should have gotten more attention than Cavill first movie as Supes.

Fox obviously didnt expect huge numbers from The Wolverine, and thats why the marking was decent, but not impressive.

But whatever the reasons are, right now Ironman and Superman have become bigger than Wolverine worldwide, so... we can only hope that Fox puts more focus from now in the actual team, and less in Wolverine, since his popularity and impact isnt as strong as it could.

X-MEN team has allways being bigger, so in this new era of comic movies, Fox should put the XMen Team where they belong.

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