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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

I actually completed this a while ago. It was a nightmare lol, had a lot of problems with the software and I never really got it pristine (a few audio blips n such) enough to boast about haha. A few things in the above list were changed after I found them to work less effectively in practise, but it's pretty much identical to my plan.

Of the things that went, sadly I never could find a way to incorporate the Angel flashback once I had removed from the intro. Also, the changes I had in mind for Scott's death and how it is revealed never quite gelled eiether. It got tantilisingly close , and I think a more skilled and experienced editor may be able to pull that off.

I'm really happy with how the funeral move turned out. It feels more appropriate at the end, and brings the cast together, whereas they're quite scattered in the other closing moments.

I kept the Xavier teaching scene as it was. It establishes X and Kitty with some nice moments for both. I thought as far as continuity was concerned, the scene was minor enough not to be totally out of place. It's not paid off directly, but the dialogue speaks to the other plots in the film, and may be referenced in DOFP.

Mystique being cured remains, but her giving away Magneto's location was cut when I streamlined the 3rd act. Sadly, the last we see of her is her curing scene, which isn't ideal, but quite effectively brutal. I'm working with what I've got lol

I did keep Logan and Rogue's conversation, though it's much further up in my cut. It's a shame their relationship petered out, but they at least got that nice little moment.

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