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Default Re: Batman vs the black Joker thug

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Agree with all that, especially the idea that each film is a different flavor for the audiences. Good post.

The only thing I don't agree with is that the scores in the first two films are "cartoony". Maybe a few of the themes like the Joker's or some of the quirkiness in Returns, but they're all pretty grandiose and cinematic for the most part. The main theme, descent into mystery, childhood remembered? Pretty compelling stuff. Same goes for the themes in Batman: The Animated Series and Mask of the Phantasm by Shirley Walker.

Also- I should clarify that I'm really talking about action beats moreso than the big themes. The main theme, Descent Into Mystery, Childhood Remembered are dark and operatic. Same with some of his really haunting themes for Selina and Penguin in Returns.

But then you have stuff like:

And again, I think Elfman is a genius and these types of cues are awesome and take talent to pull off, but it's got that "dark Looney Tunes" vibe that a lot of his scores do. I actually think Shirley Walker's cues were less "childlike", if that makes sense, which is ironic considering hers were for an actual cartoon.

Also, good call about Catwoman making Bats act a little batty.

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