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Default Re: Batman vs the black Joker thug

That rooftop fight track is a bit cartoony I'll give you that, especially when Batman unfolds the batarang. It's worth noting though that a lot of the parts in that track are not in the actual film, especially that little jingle at around 0:40 mark, that's not in there at all. To be fair, it does change a bit too. At first it starts out weird and unusual, like when the two muggers look up and see Batman with his "wings" unfurled. I guess that's what we could say is "cartoony". Then once Batman grabs up that one and throttles him over the ledge the theme sets and the track is completely different.

It all goes back to tone. Our hero isn't quipping here or saying, "hi bro, I'm Batman" as he's bobbing his head. He's holding this guy over the ledge and reassuring him that he isn't going to kill him. That's why it's odd for me to see folks say, "this is all just as silly as *insert Batman/Batman movie here*", it's not.

As for Walker, her and Elfman combined is like the epitome of what Batman should sound like to me. I love pretty much all of scores (and the ones that she didn't do, there were 6-7 other collaborators). Even "cartoony" themes like "The Joker's favor" and "Last Laugh" are some of my favorites and the tone is hardly "dark and brooding". I love them all.

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