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Default Re: Her Killer Looks Will Freeze You - The Danielle Panabaker Thread

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I would be more than a little leery of the "heat vampire" concept being played straight. Bluntly, there is no good reason why she should *only* be able to drain heat from people, and not from, say. . . a fire. Or a heater. Or any other source of heat. Which would still be a legitimate disability ( needing to step into a furnace every couple hours to keep from getting hypothermia is at minimum inconvenient ), it would just avoid the "I must magically kill people and become a villain, for reasons that make no sense."
Yeah, I think between whatever happens when her abilities first manifest, what happens when the heater goes out and what happens when she has to get away from heat to save someone's life or something, I think she could get 'evil' in a certain way... perhaps only killing bad people or something.

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Who wants to see Panabaker dress up as Elsa if she turns into Killer Frost?
That may be a bit much, legally. Still, some nod seems necessary.

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