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Default Re: who is savitar !?

so my idea was harry ...

- fits with the fake wells line since harry always had some disrespect for hr ...

- fits with the fact that jesse´s father was good except for in earth-3 in the comics just like earth-1 wells and hr are good but harry is evil if he really does become savitar

- makes a little sence since he and jesse are not in the 2024 sceanes ... if something happened to jesse as a result of barry´s actions he could theoretically want to take the most important person from barry´s life as revenge

- could explain why it was so shocking for wally ... seeing his father-in-law behind the mask of a killer ... also explains the brutality svitar had with wally ... he could blame him for not saving jesse

- harry is a tech guy ... meaning he has the knowledge to build the suit

there is a problem throught ... 2024 cisco did mention all the bad things that happened to wally but didn´t mention jesse dying ...

possible explanation - it only happens in 2056 ... explaining 2056 barry´s guilty massage that appeared on legends

furthermore I believe the traitor is not catlyn but cisco ... savitar´s suit looks like the future barry´s suit from the new 52 comics and that barry also had a robotic hand ... like cisco has ... this could mean nothing since it´s a very weak lead but it could be a significant easter egg

let me know your toughts

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