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Default Re: who is savitar !?

Not sure how, or what or why or anything but I feel like Savitar has some tangential connection to Cobalt Blue...

Savitar's costume and blue energy just scream Cobalt Blue to me:

The other connection is Savitar gaining his power through the Philosopher's stone:

Cobalt Blue gains his powers through the use of an ancient talisman/gemstone called "blue fire" in a very similar way.

Abra Kadabra calls Savitar one of Flash's greatest villains (at the end of the day the show always respect the comics, and to create a whole new villain and have him be one of Barry's "greatest enemies" doesn't seem like something they'd do).

Cobalt Blue for sure qualifies as one of Barry's biggest villains, particularly as the founder of the Thawne dynasty and being Barry's twin.

Again, no clue exactly how Savitar and Cobalt Blue would be connected, or the details or character backgrounds that would be changed for the show, but I'm putting my money down that they're related some how.

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