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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

I agree with the Hugh part. It's obvious to me she was talking about Halle. X-Men on its own already has way too many characters to deal. You add egos and budgets, it becomes chaos. Though nowadays I don't think Halle had too much screen time. And even the time she got was poorly used. So I'd say she as much a victim as the next actor.

The major problem was on FOX (oh so new argument). They wanted WOLVERINE to be the center, and clearly Wolverine was in 95% of the movie (even if Hugh didn't push for it), so they neglected Phoenix and most other cool characters, like Mystique, Rogue, blah blah blah. They still added the damn cure, which was a great plot, but that could never be stuffed in a movie about Phoenix, with only 1h 44m.

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