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Default Re: Frank Miller's & Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
I think he was a good writer his DD was a masterpiece, Year One is one of my top 3 Batman tales of all time and yeah Sin City while sometimes uneven was a whole lot of fun overall. I also dearly heart Ronin. However I never thought he was as great as people touted him out to be because his works never AMAZED me even though they thoroughly entertain me.

They just don't grab me by the balls (pardon the vulgarity but in the spirit of Miller lol) like the works of a Morrison or Ellis or Moore or Waid or Gaiman. In other words he was better than most writer/artists sure but full fledged writers still always were way better to me. Also there are still many writer/artists who have also outclassed him in Batman alone (Darwyn Cooke, Matt Wagner) let alone all throughout comics like a Jurgens or Walt Simonson.

But I always took his attitude in his later work as him being very tongue in cheek about the way people perceive him. Basically he's satirizing the only things people think he's capable of (ultra violence and hard boiled pulpish dialogue in a gritty setting). Especially how he feels so many people failed to get the message of DKR throughout the years both fellow artists and regular fans, plus DC and fans always hounding him to do a DK2 when he was never into it then he just finally took the money, crapped out a half assed yarn and ran lol

I don't know it seemed kinda deliberate to me but in the words of movie Batman "you might be right".
i forgot about his DD work, that was good stuff. i should read more of it. never got around to reading ronin.

and while i dont believe he's intentionally parodying himself, even if he were, it still doesnt interest me, so....

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