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Default Re: Mutant Inhibitor Collar

My guess is that if they use the inhibitor collar the majority of the Sentinal controlled future scenes will take place in either an internment camp (with many mutants wearing a similar collar) or in a rebel base.

I think there are real clues in the comic and cartoon versions of DOFP. Here is the synopsis of the cartoon version that uses Bishop:

"The episode begins with an overview of New York City in the year 2055; the sky is a dark red, most of the buildings are badly damaged or destroyed, and Sentinals patrol the skies of the ruined city. As two young mutants make their way through the decaying streets, they are ambushed by a group of Sentinels. Though they put a fight, they are soon cornered, only to be saved by Wolverine. Despite his healing ability, it appears that age has finally caught up to the mutant. The group are then ambushed by a "tracker", or mutant-hunter, named Bishop, who captures the three. He brings them to a mutant extermination camp, only for the Sentinels to declare that Bishop's "quota" has been reached, and that they are all to be terminated. After passing by the graves of the X-Men, all of whom have been dead for decades, the four mutants fight back, only to be approached by Nimrod, a new advanced Sentinel. The two young mutants give their lives so that Wolverine and Bishop can escape. Wolverine brings Bishop to a rebel base, where Forge reveals a working time-portal, and then explains that he believes that he has pinpointed an event in history whichs supposedly is the direct cause for the dystopian world that they live in: an assassination in the early 90's. Wolverine prepares to travel through the portal, but Bishop argues that he should go instead, as the assassin is one of the X-Men and Bishop's youth makes him a better candidate. Just then, the Sentinels attack the base, and Wolverine is fatally wounded by Nimrod. Bishop leaps into the portal, just as Nimrod reaches in to grab him."

I don't think any of us expect the year to be 2055, but sometime not too long after X3...

But I could see a couple of sentinals patrolling the sky. A young (no name) mutant or two about to be captured by a Sentinal when Wolverine comes to their rescue.

I could see Bishop (or another red-headed? mutant) as a tracker who captures them and takes them to an internment/extermination camp.

I could see domething happening that gets Bishop on their side and has them escape to a rebel base.

I could see Forge having technology to send someone (Bishop) back to fix an event in the past that he has pinpointed.

More than likely though the movie will incorporate various elements from both the comic and the different cartoon versions. Bishop is likely instead of Kitty/Kate. Nimrod could be in there, or maybe it's Fitzroy. Bishop might be a tracker, or maybe just another member of the rebels (called the XSE) or just another captured mutant.

But the point is that an internment/extermination camp and/or a rebel base makes a lot of sense. I don't think they will need to (or want to) show New York in ruins.

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