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Default Re: The Flash General Discussion and Speculation Thread - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Zant View Post
Oh ok. That's a shame but understandable..Wonder if Amell, Gustin, Melissa
and other main cast members will just take this easy route.....I remember some main cast members of Smallville bailing at some point.
To be fair, being the lead on a CW series isn't a huge statement about your versatility as an actor. The smart thing to do is build your fanbase with your tv series and appearing in films on the side (either aimed at your fan demo or playing against type).

Unfortunately, most get very few opportunities. Gustin seems a decent actor. Hope he can escape the typecasting. Being The Flash for 10 years will build up his $$$, but it's hard after. Look at Tom Welling. Though for him, he was just a model who fell into the job.

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