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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Fox will never let X-Men go.They certinly won't turn It over to Disney for a small cut of profit.Movies are business.Just turning X-Men over to Disney Is fanboys pipedream.Considering I consider X2 to be best marvel film and prefer First Class and X-Men over all Solo hero films MS had done I am fine with this.Fox Is going to try to
keep Fantastic Four.

If DIsney got FF nothing could be done with It for years.Marvel seems like It can only do things with avengers related projects.They already had plenty of non avengers stuff.They got back Punisher,Blade,and Daredevil.And It will be years before anything will be done with them.Considering I am fan of Wesley snipes as Blade I really don't
want a reboot.When Ghost rider riverts It will be same.Nothing will be done.And did everyone forget Kevin Feige once said Marvel studios wasn't Intrested In R Rated films.
That would mean a watered down Blade.And you can forget about R rated films of
the Punisher and Daredevil.

The only way SOny Is letting go of Spider-Man Is If It goes bankrupted.And why nayone would want another reboot Is beyond me.Because that's exactly what will happen If
Disney got Spider-Man.Another origin film.

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