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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
The reboot Casino Royale didn't gross a billion dollars worldwide. That's what this film should be compared to not SkyFall. So yeah the billion talk is ridiculous unless somebody can name one reboot than grossed a billion.

Avengers aided Iron Man 3 has a shot and so does Catching Fire which should explode Twilight. style overseas but Man of Steel? Not a chance in hell.
Maybe not probable but possible, yes, so it's not ridiculous. I'll be happy with a great movie and would like to have more great Superman movies. So how ever much money it needs to achieve that is what I want. You're sounding more like a hater then a realist.

TASM made close to $800 mil and that's a movie that the fans are now all butthurt about but the GA loved it apparently. I have a feeling that MOS will be a better movie.

Some things to consider before taking away all chances in hell:

1. CBM are great overseas. This is Superman (one most recognized characters in history) and he's an English fellow.

2. Movies about alien invasions and big action own the box office.

3. The Nolan co. name is on it after a very successful Batman run.

4. The 2nd trailer has an outstanding buzz and it wasn't even the Big Daddy trailer. And... it hasn't hit tv yet. Only online and in front of Some hobbit showings.

5. It's Superman in 3D. (Neither Casino Royal or Skyfall were shown in that format. Skyfall still hit the bill. I wouldn't have given that chance in hell.)

6. Repeat viewings and word of mouth. I actually saw SR 4 times in theaters just bc it was a Superman movie and I didn't like SR one bit. I'll probably see MOS 10 times. at least.

Now, again, I'm not saying that it definitely will. I'm saying is that's possible and has just as much of a chance in hell to hit it the mark as any movie with it's potential.

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