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Default Re: The Loki/Tom Hiddleston Thread. We need Loki-Love. - Part 1

I had another dream last night involving Loki. It was awesome(and confusing but eh..)! He was trying to blow up a theatre or something....don't exactly remember, only there were a few that were there that he despised, and me and some 'others', Sif was there, I can't remember who else. Apparantly I had a daughter (apparently called Anne Marie) who he was in love with....WHAT? and I was in love with him. Anyway me and some 'others' (Sif was there....I can't remember who else) managed to convince him to not blow up the theatre and come and watch it with us. he hugged me and pecked me on my cheek....then when we went in the theatre we were shuffling through these people and Loki was like telling them to move or be beheaded, and I was like 'just come and sit'. then I don't remember the rest....I remember him saying a remark at the end of the show, something funny like he didn't know humans were so capable or such entertainment or something then I might have woken up....

yes i have wierd

edit: gonig to see avengers for the 2nd time in a bit, can't wait to see Loki on screen again.

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