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Default Best Superhero Trilogy

Instead of just doing individual film stand-offs or series, I am including all the superhero trilogies.

Of Note: I am only including those that are made with the intent of being (or ending as) a trilogy. So while there is a Superman III and Batman Forever, those films were episodic and followed up by fourth installments meant to be a continuation and not a revisit.

So please vote and rank.

For me:

1. The Dark Knight Trilogy
2. Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy
3. The Iron Man Trilogy
4. The X-Men Trilogy
5. The Blade Trilogy

I know I may get some flack for putting Raimi's so high, but as flawed as SM3 is, it never felt boring or lazy like IM2 and X3 did to me. So, it gets higher because all three films were high-minded, even if only the first two were truly good.

Please post and comment.

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