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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
Agreed. I can forgive what they did to the Mandarin (if you focus on the fact that Killian really was the Mandarin) but the tone destroyed the movie for me. It was silly throughout. Humor is good but it was taken WAY too far in this. Iron Man shouldn't be as dark as the Nolan Batman films but it shouldn't be as goofy as a "Jingle All the Way". Also:
  • Lack of suit time
  • Use of Iron Patriot instead of War Machine (useless and lame change)
  • Tony's bodycount. Killing should be done when absolutely neccessary but should never be done gleefully ("Heal from that!")
  • Weak armor(s)
Love Iron Man. Liked Iron Man II. Hated nearly everything about Iron Man 3. I really wish I could enjoy the film as much as others seem to but Marvel is so much better than this.
Is it? IS IT Really?

I mean think about it:
Spider Man franchise (Raimi) - SM1 good, SM2 very good, SM3 - BOOYA! Screwed Up!
Fantastic Four franchise - ONE BIG JOKE!
X-Men: X1 good, X2 very good, X3 - BOOYAH AGAIN! Big FAIL!
Iron-Man: IM1 very good, IM2 - enjoyable, but too many errors, IM3- same as IM2.

And there you have THE HULK! Done 3 (!!!) friggin' times all over again, WHY? @ least THOR was good, THE AVENGERS was great! But who's to say the sequels won't fail?? As for Amazing SM, it was just alright and I doubt the sequel will be better.

Anyway, I enjoyed IM3 on some level, but it has weak points. A lot of them. I'm not saying THE BATMAN MOVIES of Nolan were perfect, but damn, they were ALL very good or great, even TDKR, none of them was "mediocre" or "OK" and I want Marvel to succeed, I really do, but I at some point, they manage to screw up somehow!

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