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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by MAKAVELI25 View Post
Where is this shown in the movie?

Where is this shown in the movie?

Where is this shown in the movie?

It's funny how some of us use solid evidence SHOWN AND CORROBORATED BY THE FILM while others resort to writing fan fiction straight out of their imagination in order to back up their own claims
It doesn't have to be explicitly stated in the film to be true. Film is a subjective art...

The way that they portrayed Bane in the film was as an honorable soldier. A warrior. Someone totally devoted to his cause and who through power, fear and charisma inspired the same devotion from his followers (See the mercenary who stayed "in the wreckage" during the prologue).

Just because it's not explicitly said that Bane wants to honor Ra's... Why would Bane be so set on fulfilling Ra's al Ghuls' destiny?

Bane refers to himself and Bruce as being members of the League of Shadows. He specifically refers to the League as "us." Batman points out that he is not part of the "us" by saying: "Us? You were excommunicated by a gang of psychopaths." This puts Bane into a rage, as he blasts punch after punch into Batman's side... This was a result of the anger of Batman bringing up his excommunication and separating Bane from the "us" of the "League of Shadows." This shows that he has a strong allegiance to the League and to Ra's even though he was excommunicated or that he is ashamed of having been excommunicated and that he wants to prove himself worthy of the legacy of the League. Either way, this exchange is telling.

It doesn't have to be shown in the film that he showed gratitude toward Ra's for rescuing him. Bane knew the difficulty of escaping the Pit. He expresses as much upon discovering that Bruce has escaped, and he knew that it would have been impossible for him to escape on his own.

Why would Bane want to finish Ra's al Ghuls' work and "fulfill his destiny" if not to either to honor him, earn the life that was safed by Ra's, or to prove that he was better than Ra's?

It has to be one (or a combination of the three).

Give me some reasons why it's not? Other than saying that there is not an explicit line in the film. There is a rule in film that is quite good.... it's called "Show, don't tell."


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