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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I agree. The only reason the siege lasted 5 months was to give Bruce ample time to come to terms with his inner demons, recover from his injury, and get in shape again. That's it.

The LOS plan could have been done and dusted in mere weeks.
Exactly. I understand that TDKR is a comic book film, but it has some plot points that are pretty stupid once you really think about the. I understand that BB and TDK also had some contrivances, but I never felt like any of them were as blatantly nonsensical as in the third one. A key example of this is with the stock exchange scene

- The stock exchange is attacked by a group of terrorist, this is witnessed by hundreds of traders AND captured on surveillance video but Bruce Wayne has no way of proving fraud?

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