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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post
The League's goals became skewed and mutated under the leadership of Bane and Talia.

Under Ra's it was more clear. Crime, despair, injustice... Eradicate it. All of it. By any means necessary.

But Ra's was doing it only as a function of the greater whole of the League of Shadows... He was doing it as they had done it for centuries, no more no less. So in the end, Ra's was destroying Gotham not because he wanted to -- but because he felt that he HAD to for the greater good of the world...

Bane and Talia took this goal, but perverted it with revenge. They didn't simply want to destroy Gotham for the greater good of anybody. They were using Ra's al Ghuls' original mission as a thinly veiled excuse to reach their own selfish goals... for their own selfish reasons.

Sure, was Gotham still corrupt? Yes.
Was Gotham as bad as it was in Batman Begins? No.

Bane wanted to destroy Gotham to prove that he was worthy of having been saved by Ra's -- or to prove that he should have never been excommunicated from the League originally, or that he was even Ra's' better...

Talia wanted to destroy Gotham to honor her father and to avenge his death and kill Bruce...

Neither of these were 100% inline with the original goals of the League. Vanity, hubris and pride perverted what was once a selfless mission that the League had...

As much as I've tried to put forth the argument that there was a strong streak of radical extremism in Bane/Talia's plan, I have to say this is a pretty good way to summarize it. I would say that revenge, hatred and pride blinded them into having utter conviction that they would be fulfilling Ra's' destiny and that Gotham was indeed corrupt enough to be razed to the ground and that it's slow destruction would help bring balance to the world. And I still believe if Ra's survived Batman Begins (or had a Lazarus Pit), he'd be back to finish the job.

Again, like Rachel says revenge and justice are never the same. The LOS in TDKR is a manifestation of what happens when those two ideas become tied up in one giant knot.

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