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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Well we now know who these two guys are, should we spot them on Thor 2.
The above guy stated elsewhere that he is featured and part of combat team for Thor 2, so am assuming by that he may have a few lines?

and this is from a while back but apparently many of the "marauders" were part of this group, who have a page on facebook.

I dont know if this was posted previously but it's slow right now so might as well share. If you go back on their facebook page to Sept. Then there are some interesting posts, particularly on the Sept 6 entry.

Sept 1: Superb weekend: Friday the boys were in Shepperton Studios getting fitted in their costumes for Thor II, Friday evening Saor Patrol flew back to germany for another MPS weekend. Today we had a crew attend the Carron Valley openday and one crew building longhouse roof at DunCarron Medieval Village. The openday was super! We have the nicest locals you could wish for and they are all really supportive of Duncarron. Hat's off to all the crews! You's are all Awesome!

Sept 6
Malin: So what did you do today?
Chick: We broke out of jail and kicked ass!
(Thor II, Shepperton Studios, England)

(Chick, btw, is their leader Charles Allen, also definitely in Thor 2)

Sept 10, Me: Hey, how was your first day on location? Was it good to be out of the studio?
Charlie: Aye, less hot, more extras.
Me: Did you get your weapons today?
Charlie: For sure. I got a sword. But it broke.
Me: How?
Charlie: eh..I fought with it..
Me: You broke it?
Charlie: But I made it last ALL day like!
Bodge Maximus (in the background): He broke 15 helmets and 20 spears too!!
Me: Are the extras ok?
Charlie: (pause)..
Me: What did the armourer say?
Charlie: ..he already met us on The Eagle. He gave me gaffer tape.

The Clanranald Trust for Scotland the boys are usually fighting each other, which mean pulling blows is unnecessary as they all know what to do..and how to fight. Unfortunately we're all one tribe this time so are fighting so called "special skills extras". These are people who register with casting agents as swordsmen, archers, riders...special skills. In short; we are fighting people who have signed up for it. Hurrah!

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