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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I liked the direction and acting in MoS, and I'd love to see more superbrawls with that "true" kind of scale for the ubers like Kal-El, Thor, Hulk and others.

My main complaint with the movie comes from it taking itself so seriously and earnestly all the damn time. Lighten up once in awhile, y'know? Donner's classic movie was suitably epic and noble and majestic and all that, too, but it also tempered all that with some much needed comic relief. MoS had none of that.

I'd also highly recommend leaving the movie *just* before the ending. Nothing majorly spoilerific there, and it was highly expected, but I just have to say: **** Clark Kent, Mild-Mannered Reporter. Worst thing about the whole damn movie. They spent the whole movie bypassing 75 years of that "secret identity behind....a pair of glasses" bull****, the same way Iron Man bypassed 50 years of "he's Tony Stark's 'bodyguard'....wink wink" bull****. MoS *works* when it's just about Kal-El and his relationship with humans, particularly Lois Lane. To tack on the Clark Kent "disguise" at the end was so frickin' bogus. It does not WORK, Zack. Ditch that ****, seriously.
Ya, the scene at the Daily Planet at the end just had me rolling my eyes, especially after I had just listened to some Colonel yell at at Supes, "Are you effin' out of your mind?" and then the female soldier babble about how hot Supes is. Oh can't forget that throwaway scene of the girl caught in the rubble with Perry White looking on.

I was having a little bit of fun with the Krypton stuff (even though it was sped along pretty quickly) and it's just fun listening to Russell Crowe speak ..... I also liked the majority of the build up into when he turns himself in ..... but you're right, overall I did not have the kind of fun I should at a Superman movie.

The foundation was there for something good. I liked the Sci-fi element, a man in search of his heritage, and is the world ready for someone like Kal-El ...... but the execution and screenplay just were not there for me. I felt bad for guys like Cavil and Shannon, Goyer just gave them nothing to work with. Then there was the fact that Amy Adams seemed to jump from scene to scene faster than any of the Kryptonians could move. She was the biggest Deus Ex Macchina I've ever seen.

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