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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

So far, having seen various posts in both this, and the Thor section,
I have to give it to the Super-fans so far.

Let's kick it up a notch people. How does their little showdown unfold ?

Am I right about Clark being able to lift Mjolnir ? (although I also suspect
Captain America would be able to lift Mjolnir, as it's about the worthiness
not the weight of it).

(I have a theory that if the fight took place on Asgard, Superman would actually be more powerful, as the sunlight appears even brighter.
Maybe in Jotunheim or Svartalfheim Thor would have the advantage.)

thanks for the posts

( Batman beats both LOL, I did a Batman v Supes thread ages ago, I hope you posted on that one....although having said that, if Frank Miller was writing the script, Batman could beat Galactus )

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