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Default Re: How do you think WW will be introduced in Superman/Batman?

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
Thank God Bay is not.

The DC-universe has enough strikes going against it; Bay's presence would irradiate the franchise more thoroughly than Batman & Forever. Let me modify that: he would nuke it.
Yeah, I'm not sure about that.

i don't remember liv tyler's character being maligned like that in armageddon, i have yet to see pearl harbor to tell how the women were portrayed, but the man has manage to make a ****load of money on movies who's characters who's basis for existing was just to sell toys. if B&F made that much money, you'd bet WB would have continued making batfilms. that a part from the fact that most of his films are meant to be pop corn fodder.

I'm gonna go watch pearl harbor now. ben affleck's in it, michael shannon cbm casting fav types like josh hartnett and alec baldwin.

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