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Default Re: Life After The Avengers

Fantastic Four. But I think the only way it could work on film is setting it in the 60's with the original plot of Reed and co blasting off to try and beat the Russians to the moon. This is necessary for a few reasons, 1 being that the Fantastic Four just wreak of the 60's. I don't think it is possible to take there costumes seriously in any way unless you do this. Also they are just much simpler super heroes than the any of the Avengers (accept Cap, which still makes sense) and less impressive, so setting them in the modern time would just make them something of a B Avengers, which is unacceptable. But if you stick them in the 60's and make them sort of a proto-Avengers I think it would work great, and it would relieve a lot of the corniness inherent in the series. This wouldn't be much different to the general audience than Cap being set during WWII.

I also want to see the Cosmic movies build up to Annihilation in a similar fashion to the current Avengers build up, with whatever awesome characters marvel has the rights to. It wouldn't have to be exactly like the comic.

A Shield movie with Fury, Widow, Hawkeye, Danvers, Carter, Woo, and Quarterman.

I would also like a Civil War movie but Avengers 2 would be way to soon, 3 at the earliest, let them develop more characters first, I don't just want it to be the Avengers fighting each other.

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