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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
I mainly like the MoS suit for the traditional elements, I couldn't care less about the added details.. whatever they're supposed to be. On the other hand, what I like about the New 52 suit is it goes for a more traditional sci-fi look rather than trying to look exotic, and it only really looks like plated armor depending on who's drawing it. And even the idea of it being armor doesn't bother me so much as the ambiguity of how powerful Superman is without it, which has gone unaddressed for over a year now. They say he's the most powerful being on Earth but is that with or without the suit? Armor doesn't bother me because the pre-crisis suit could act as armor when worn by a powerless human. It's just the idea that Superman is dependent on it in the same way Tony Stark is with his Iron Man armor that bothers me.
I hear ya and I agree. I don't really know too much about what the comics nowadays say is the relationship between superman and the suit and whether its an iron man-ish kind of thing like you say. I can get into the idea that the suit is impervious and that it could protect a human, I actually really love that idea... but an impervious sci fi suit doesn't have to look like armor plating. It's lazy and it takes away from the mystique surrounding superman's invulnerability on a visual level. I have similar opinions regarding batman's suit looking too much like swat gear.

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Batman is Batman because of his bat motif's. Take them away and he's just Manman.
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