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Default Describe the Trailer for Your Justice League

The trailer will be the audience’s first introduction to the shared universe if Wonder Woman doesn’t appear in Man of Steel. It will be the first time the general audience sees the big screen versions of Wonder Woman, Flash, Captain Marvel, and others; and it will set the stage for the crisis that brings this group of metahumans out of the shadows to join Superman.

A female voice (Wonder Woman) speaks while scenes are shown of a silver sphere being raised out of the ground. The sphere is shown being moved into a bunker, and it cuts to the scene in which Wonder Woman is speaking (to Superman).

Wonder Woman: “What they have uncovered is a Pandora’s Box. You have to take it from them. If you do not claim it; someone else may come.”

The music kicks in and a black monolith skyscraper floats several thousand feet in the blue sky over rural America. Superman flies to the top of the monolith which is flat except for a throne (the Moebius Chair). Flash, Hawkwoman, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman are seen fighting the Female Furies in Washington, DC. A silhouette is shown approaching the sphere (now housed in an underground base). The sphere is shown opening, and inside is Doomsday; in his full-body straightjacket with cables and steel extending from the walls of the sphere to his body in the center.

The music goes silent with the final shot showing a street in Metropolis (Chicago). The camera zooms in as a car flies through the intersection ahead. There is a roaring sound and people run toward the camera which continues to zoom. Doomsday lands in the center of the intersection with Wonder Woman riding its back with a glowing gold lasso looped around the beast's neck as Superman lands with his back to the camera.

Stand-in soundtrack:

I like this helmet.

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