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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

I think retconning the trilogy is what people are talking about here. No they don't start from scratch. However, if they still want to tell stories with the original roster/cast, that's fair game. I don't think they do both future stories and past storylines simultaneously. That would mean Fox would be putting maybe four X-Men films out in a span of like 5/6 years. Who is going to make the time for that? Again, I'm looking at the logistics of it. If people argue that both timelines can run concurrently, meaning putting out FC 3 in 2016 or 2017, X-4 the following year, more FC movies/spinoffs in between, X-5 in 2020.... no, I don't think that is realistic in the least. It is oversaturation number one. Two, it leaves you no breathing room for the FF franchise. Fox can only invest so much money in one franchise.

Now DoFP could gross a billion and be the complete game changer everyone thinks it will be. Remains to be seen. The problem is it is probably one or the other: FC continuity or ditch them and pick up where you left off. So who will you stand with?

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