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Default Re: 20th Century Fox upcoming Big Announcement

I personally must agree with JP, Angamb and everyone else that see the potential in an X4/X5 with the main original cast of Jackman, Berry, Paquin, Ashmore, Page, Cudmore etc. As has been said all these actors are still pretty young, or look young and fit enough to easily play these characters again for another trilogy and I personally see that as the best way forward.

Now unlike others I'm, not immediately against a reboot and I would be in favour of one if I felt that it was the right move by the studio for the future of this franchise but at this moment all signs point towards Fox continuing the franchise with the OT cast and I think if we weigh the pros against the cons we find that there are a whole lot more benefit from keeping the OT than there is in rebooting.

One major Pro for keeping the OT is that it is the safest bet many people are familiar with the cast (who are among the most successful and well-know stars of this decade) and would like to see a continuation of the characters' stories. Also Bryan Singer is returning to the franchise he started and is probably the only person that could carry this franchise in the state it is in.

One Major pro for rebooting is that it's a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to give more accurate portrayals of characters with younger (possibly unknown) actors. Have better adaptations of iconic storylines e.g. Dark Phoenix Saga.

One major con of keeping the OT is that the movies will be stuck with the inaccurate portrayals of the characters and the convoluted continuity.

One major con for rebooting would be that they would have to start from square one and develop all these characters again. Some of the unknown actors may not be as bankable and as much as people want to think so the X-Men brand alone does not sell (at least not as much as Avengers) they will need the star power of Jackman, Berry, Mckellen, Stewart, Lawrence, Fassbender, Mcavoy etc. It would also be stupid to have reinvigorated the franchise with new actors from the First Class cast only to discard them.

From my point of view everything seems to be resting on how well Days of Future Past performs but more than likely it will do well, certainly better than First Class and maybe even better that X3, but will it do Avengers numbers? (or close to it?). I still personally think that at this point it's better to stick with the devil you know. The original cast have never failed before and every movie they've featured in has been better than the last. they are a tried and tested formula and if Fox want to do as well as Avengers it will need it's star players.

And think about many people have been waiting for villains like apocalypse and sinister to feature and more iconic storylines to be finally brought to the big screen. A reboot would mean another origin story and apocalypse and sinister cannot be featured because they would be too big characters to focus on in the first couple movies it means we'll have to wait even longer to see them appear on screen. X4/X5 with original casts seems the less riskiest endeavor with huge benefits.

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