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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 2

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
Ummm... okay. You were the one who brought Hulk up in the first place. I don't know what he has to do with what I said about Falcon.
I was making the point that alone they are not a team. ASSEMBLED they are strong. It doesn't actually matter WHAT skills they bring to the table. So long as those skills are sufficient in a battle against evil. And so long as they have each other to watch one another's backs.

Obviously. I'm pretty sure Black Widow and Hawkeye are Avengers, if I rememeber correctly... you know, from the millions of times that I've watched the movie. Pretty sure they were there in that epic circle. When was it ever implied that Hulk, Cap, Stark and Thor alone were "The Avengers."
Oh. OH HO! omg. you got me, oh gosh... I thought for a second you actually didnt realize... omg. You are so funny. Whew. You had me goin there.

You seem to think that because one Avenger has one skill, no other Avenger with that skill should be allowed on the team. Iron Man has projectiles (and auto-targeting no less) so why do we need Hawkeye? Captain America has unparalleled fighting skills, probably better than BW, so why do we need her? Dat ass?

Sure Falcon would add another fighter, but he doesn't add a new element at all, which is my problem. In the world of the Avengers, it makes since to add him because he can help. But out here in the real world as an audience member, it doesn't. Falcon is like a Jack of two or trades and a master of neither. Unless they actually do make him the "master" of flying, which is what I'm hoping they do with him.
I guarantee there is no way he flies faster than Iron Man. Unless Stark gives him access to the Mark 40, which somehow I doubt. He may be slightly more versatile with his flight, and as someone else mentioned, stealthy. But idk if that will satisfy you, therefore I suggest you hope for the bird rapport as well.

Personally I love the addition of Falcon. I also hope for Ant-Man and Wasp. Who add very little to the team either. Pun intended.

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