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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 1

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
Almost certainly Storm's 'integral role' in this film will be as the leader of the X-Men in the future and I'm confident that Bryan will write her as a strong and capable leader, and Halle seems more than up to the challenge and will hopefully nail the performance (if her recent track record of great performances is anything to go by) most audiences will be comfortable with Storm's role as leader.

This as you say is where Cyclops' problem lies. The character works best as the leader of the X-Men that's where his story arc revolves around and that is what fans want to see from him. But in the eyes of Fox it makes sense for Storm to stay leader of the X-men because Halle Berry is a MUCH bigger star than James Marsden.

This is where the movies have completely f***ed with fans expectations. They waste Storm as a character and do not develop her until they make her leader instead of developing her as a second in command. Meaning Cyclops who can only work as the leader if the X-Men won't be able to be the leader he should be in the sequel.

I mean to non-fans there is no special reason why Cyclops should lead the X-Men and some critics, especially feminist critics, may take offence at Storm giving up leadership to Cyclops. And let's face it apart from fans Cyclops is nobody's favourite character in the movies. He was an uninteresting, bland character that died and to most of the GA should stay dead.

I doubt that Singer or even Fox would let Singer portray Storm as being incapable of leadership and needing Cyclops' help as that could send the wrong messages. And might not even make sense for non-fans as Cyclops was never presented as an important character.

I really would like to see how Singer would deal with this situation if they do plan on bringing Cyclops back for a sequel. Will they relegate him to 2nd in command or will they have them duel like in the comics and have Cyclops (or Storm) win. Will they show Storm giving up leadership to Cykes despite the probable public outcry from the GA that far outnumber comic book fans who would understand why such a thing happened. Ow would they be able to find a way for Cyclops to be part of the team but not in a leadership capacity.

If a sequel happened chances are the leader of the X-Men and wolverine would get the most screentime, who would they choose Halle Berry's Storm or James Marsden's Cyclops? I guess that depends on how well receives Halle's next turn as Storm will be.
It's possible we will not see any more of Patrick Stewart's Xavier. He may not be back in physical form in DoFP.

In that case, Storm would remain as headmistress of the school and Cyclops would be field commander of the team.

The next question is where Wolverine fits into things. Will they just have him as the maverick lone-wolf, which is what he should be if we go by the comics, or will the studio want him as leader?

It's the balance/dynamics of Storm, Wolverine and Cyclops that needs dealing with.

Maybe one of them ends up leading a second team, or training a new group of young mutants.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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